The UK fashion scene is a vibrant clash of both creatives and business people.  Over 500, 000 people are employed in the sector. Most fashion jobs are in the retail sale of clothing (75percent). Sales of leather and footwear in retail fashion also have a fair amount of employees (11 percent). Another 8 percent in the wholesale sector of clothing and footwear. It’s an industry that employs many people.

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Some major fashion companies in the UK have been around for decades and still uphold their founding values and styles. Only just reviewing and adding to it to find relevance in the ever-changing fashion scene. A shoe designer might search for reviews about fashion shoes stores in UK before taking his shoes out to boutiques. It helps him to understand consumer trends and other factors that could help his business.

Consumer response is important in the fashion industry. One bad comment from a customer can spell disaster for a designer. And a review from a celebrity could make a designer instantly a success.

1. Burberry

This British luxury fashion house is one of the biggest luxury fashion brands in the world. They manufacture clothing, fashion accessories, and fragrances, sold majorly through wholesale, retail, and licensing. Much of their sales is through retail. Favoured highly by both sexes. Valued at over 10 billion dollars. Their accessories include umbrellas, wallets, bags, traveling boxes, jewelry, and lately fragrances.

2. Next

The second-largest fashion house in the UK, with most of its customers being Millenials and women. Next plc is into clothing, footwear, and home products retail with a market value of 7.16 billion pounds, majorly from sales in the UK. Though they earn little from outside the UK.

3. Mark & Spencer

Though its food division is increasing worldwide, sales in the fashion area have been declining but not enough to remove it from the top 5 positions in the UK fashion scene. The company is mainly a retailer of top fashion apparel and accessories. Mostly known for ladies’ underwear, men’s boxers, singlets, and shirts.


The 4th largest fashion company in the UK with a market value of 6.2 billion dollars and annual sales of 1.8 billion pounds. This online fashion store sells both its brand of clothing and accessories and over 850 other products from other brands as well.

5. Clarks

Since 1825, they have been supplying the UK and the rest of the world with quality and expertly crafted footwear for all the family. Clarks is the most popular and second most famous fashion and clothing brand in the UK. A favourite with Generation X and Baby Boomers and women.

Fashion in the UK is big business. Some companies sell only what they design and manufacture. Others prefer to sell their products and that of other brands as a way to boost sales and expand into other markets.