Dog boarding is when you permit your dog to dwell in another person’s home. Your dog becomes a part of that family, dwells on their bed, toys, food, and enjoys the basic comfort the home provides in your absence. You can see people’s opinions about dog boarding on

Your dog carer must be right for your dog just as you were. You can read reviews about dog carers and facilities to enhance your knowledge about dog boarding. Your dog requires attention and must be tended to with care and love.

When you walk into a dog facility, you must ascertain their suitability before you let your dog live with them. A dog carer should afford you complete peace of mind and assurance that your dog will be taken care of. You can ask any dog boarding facilities these key questions that are the fact about dog boarding.

1.  Are Dogs Allowed to have Outdoor/Indoor Access?

When a dog is locked in the cage, every bit of freedom is restricted. A dog should be able to relieve itself on its own, without being released to walk around. While dogs can wait to be walked when they’re in dog facilities, it’s always healthy if the staff on duty pays attention and doesn’t neglect them. The fact is, delaying or canceling a dog walk would be miserable for the dog.

2.  Will The Dog Facilities Charge you for Additional and Special Services such as Feeding and Medications:

Some dog facilities seem to be inexpensive at first. But when they sum the extras involved in their services, the pay becomes huge. A dog facility should offer dog treats and food, administer medication and offer special diets for the dogs. All extra services must be accounted for so that your pets would remain busy in your absence.

3.  Does the Facility Use Air Sanitization System or is it Climate Controlled?

Contagious diseases are sometimes airborne. They can travel through different heating and air conditioning systems in the facility. A UV Air Sanitizer must be installed in the cooling system while germs and bacteria can be killed with Apco Air Sanitizer.

4.  What Do They Use to Clean the Environment?

Common areas must be rid of urine, feces, and other irritants. You can access the cleaning products they use to guarantee the safety of their tools. Dog facilities should often use a disinfectant that kills surface bacteria in the same grade as hospitals. Remember that bleach can burn dogs’ mouths, paws, and lungs. You can ascertain the safety of your dog by knowing how they treat dogs and maintain the facility.

5.  Confirm What It Costs for Your Dog to Access Fresh Air and Sunshine Outside the Kennel:

The dogs must be allowed to walk outside. Keeping a dog indoors for 24 hours can incite stress, and eventually depression. Dogs must stay in a stimulating environment. However, they must not be allowed to stay in places where they can easily attract fleas and other diseases.

These things are essential things you must note and ascertain before you let your dog stay with a carer or a dog facility.