Spain is known for its passion for clogs. So, it becomes an excellent destination for people who want to buy a pair at a great price. I found out from that some people visit Spain just because they find a lot of clog models at very affordable prices.

They are pleasant for spending summer free time, but also for those who stand all day and need comfortable and tight shoes, such as health professionals or the hospitality industry. You can find a lot of models of clogs at zapattu.

What you need to know about the Clogs

From classic wooden to rubber models, the clogs do not lose their folk-vintage appeal but are renewed due to new materials and precious details.

Revived in the ’70s, the clogs are wooden or rubber clogs with a vintage soul, which has returned among the trends of the summer season with a revisited style. To mark the return of this special type of shoe also called clog in French, are the stylists.

The latter, with their collections, helped to remove the clogs from a typical country shoe to a chic accessory with which to complete the simple and minimalist look. Like the shoes with clogs presented by Herm├ęs, in the leather model with the maxi letter H reminiscent of the brand name, which has now become one of the most popular models for summer.

Increasingly distant from their hippie heritage, clogs can be colored or in pastel shades, in leather or plastic, simple or enriched with details that have nothing to do with sobriety (just like Crocuri worn by Chiara Ferragni).

The history of wooden clogs

Clogs have their roots in the rural areas of fifteenth-century Europe. From Denmark to the Netherlands through France and Germany, wooden clogs are becoming very popular as a comfortable and affordable shoe. In the 1920s, they left the country to be worn by New York women and men who took them for walks along the beaches of Long Island.

It was not until the 1960s that clogs met with great success, when the young hippie movement demanded a return to simple things and natural materials, two elements that clog possesses in nature. Since then, clogs have changed their shape and structure, sometimes adding a few inches of heel, increasingly resembling a pair of sandals, although rich in embellishments such as precious stone applications or studs.

Clogs: the classic wooden model

Among the coolest models of the summer of 2021, the classic wooden shoe is, without a doubt, the obligatory model to wear with short dresses for that day or to render the sober and minimal style of a long dress. The one proposed by Celine in wood with a leather upper and visible seams is reminiscent of the classic Dutch clog which is revised in a casual key to be worn in everyday outfits.

Inspired by the fashion of the 90s, Roger Vivier proposes in his latest collection a model of open-toed wooden clogs reminiscent of classic sandals. Particular signs? Sculptural heel, leather band, and maxi buckle adorned with rhinestones that make it a suitable shoe to be worn in a look for an evening with friends. Not to mention the convenience of being worn as a mule or as if it were a comfy slipper.