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Be ready for behavioral issues attributable to the stress of the situation. If these issues persist, or if your pet appears to be having any well being problems, talk to your veterinarian.


If you select to ship your pet separately via cargo providers, you will want the same documentation (i.e., import permit). It is often a very sophisticated task to complete customized clearance upon arrival, paying import duties, with out the assistance of somebody who is skilled in these procedures. Appointing your pet elimination agent to handle this is the easiest way to keep away from difficult procedures and shorten the time that your pet should spend at the airport or in a customs hold. Force your pet to get accustomed to his traveling kennel for a couple of days before he travels in it.

Getting Ready Your Pet For Travel

By “unaccompanied” it means that you are not on the same plane that your pet is traveling on. You can request a pet removals firm to make all arrangements at both ends of the journey.


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